About SanatFelez

Welcome to Sanat Felez Fars Company. This company established in 2004 and we are an exclusive service center of Mobarakeh Steel Complex in Fars province, one of the best and famous factories in the Middle East located in the center of Iran. While our company has been established as an exclusive sourcing for steel products from the domestic factories for many years, we entered to be an importer of high quality steel products from good and eminent suppliers worldwide. Close relationship with many various manufacturers and suppliers globally and locally, put us in a strong position to easily source steel materials needed by the industries in a short time.

As the market is getting integrated into various economic zones without borders, Sanat Felez Fars Company is strongly committed and confident to achieve its desired goals by supplying quality products meeting “quality aspirations” of the customers.
Sanat Felez Fars Company business strategy is to completely utilize the expertise and experience to guarantee customers’ satisfaction by supplying high quality steel materials to meet requested specifications with competitive price and early delivery while ensuring and taking care of the minor details.